Eleven 11 Photography | Site Report: The Sterling Castle (Shelby, AL)

Site Report: The Sterling Castle (Shelby, AL)

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It's been quite some time since either us penned a new blog post. We've been so busy though. One of Helen's sisters is getting married and I get to be in a wedding for the second time out of the almost five hundred I've been a part of. I'm only an usher though but I can get bumped up if a groomsman drinks some spoiled milk or something! One of her sisters is having a baby, yay! We've got satellite offices running in Birmingham and Mobile. Our dog knows how to be out of his cage and not eat everything in the house. And our 8 year old is doing track, vocal training and music. With so much going on I just wanted to be free of the self imposed deadline of coming up with compelling content every 7 days.

But now the wedding is nigh, and with all the winter and early spring shoots in the can it's about time to get back to the business of promoting our business lol. SO here we go, the site report for The Sterling Castle in Shelby, Alabama

Site Report: The Sterling Castle (Shelby, AL)

The Sterling CastleThe Sterling CastleThe Sterling Castle

Event Details: Destiny and Kevin B, May 31st 2018

Inspection Date: April 14, 2017

Inspection Personnel: Bryan K for Eleven 11 Photography and Owner for The Sterling Castle

The Sterling CastleThe Sterling CastleThe Sterling Castle

Description: When I do a site inspection I'm hoping to find three things: a fantastic setting, sufficient room to stage large family photos and some great little corners to stage some unique and interesting photos of the happy couple and their friends and family. And I'm happy to report The Sterling Castle has all of these things in abundance. I love when a venue has enough style and ambience so that you can create something that carries their mark but is unique enough to be original

The Sterling Castle is in my opinion one of the best wedding venue's I've ever seen and I literally can not wait to see these pictures

Recommendations: Just relax and let the magic happen.

The Sterling CastleThe Sterling CastleThe Sterling Castle





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