Photographers I'd Hire

Photographers I’d Hire

I’ve told you time and time again, assuming you aren’t new here, to find photographers that you love. I believe working with someone whose work you respect and admire is worth a little extra cost. So I thought I’d take a little time and talk about some of the people that I’d hire if I had the need for a photograph that I wanted to be in or felt I couldn’t capture myself.

I’m presenting three photographers whose work just gets to me personally and that I take inspiration from. I’m also making sure that at least one of these photographers is Alabama local as its my assumption that a lot of my readers are local and would appreciate a usable recommendation.

I’m also denoting where I know one of the recommended photographers personally just to keep everything above board.

Clay Blackmore -

It’s unfair to say that Clay is the Cadillac of wedding photography. It’s more fair to say that Cadillac is the Clay Blackmore of cars. I love his work and I love his work ethic. I make sure I look to see every week what new wedding shots he has posted that I can learn from.

Susan Stripling -

Quite possibly my favorite wedding photographer. I love not only what she does in the field but I also love the class she shows by teaching others her secrets (which is really difficult for me) as well as the class she shows when promoting her work.

Meredith Ryncarz Photography -

Meredith’s work is really engaging and fun. Her work creates the perfect sense of style while giving you pictures that are unique to you instead of just recreating what you see out there in the world.

So thats it. I’ll try to do these every so often to connect you with the new and interesting photographers I find in the world.