We Won Y'all

Awards Season is Here!

Sorry this is posting a little late. Normally we don't work very much during the holiday season because we just like being at home with family and relaxing and what not but this year we've kind of changed the rules. So every week there has been commercial shoots and weddings and personal events, just go go go! Couple that with the actual family/holiday stuff and we are bound to be late on a blog post occasionally.

Anyway we just wanted to give you guys some GREAT news. There are literally hundreds of awards in the wedding industry but in our minds the three biggies are The Knot (Best of Weddings), Wedding Wire (Couples Choice) and Brides Magazine (Photographer of the Year, and best photographers). Any of these awards is a real sign of your dedication to customer satisfaction as well as your ability to take a great picture. Every knowledgable photographer in the wedding space is shooting to take these babies home. Well guess what? This year we won all three for the second year in a row!!!

To put this in perspective there are 817 professional photographers advertising in Alabama. Less than 2% of them win any of these awards. Only 8 of them won two of these awards. We are the only photographers to win both this year, let alone two years in a row!

We also won Rangfinders 30 Up and Coming Wedding Photographers and Birmingham Bridal’s Photographer of the Year for 2018!!!! And we 7 other awards but now we’re just showing off.

On behalf of us, our staff, our partners and our clients and just everyone involved we want to say a huge THANK YOU! 2017 has been an AMAZING year and we can't wait to continue our achievements in serving your wedding needs into 2018!