Explaining Site Reports

Site Reports: What They Are And How They Work

Hello again, Bryan here.

Yes I know you’d rather it was Helen, and for the record any sane person would prefer speaking to Helen lol. But since I do most of the site reports and by most I mean all of the site reports, it only makes sense for me to write this blog.

A site report is where the lead photographer for your wedding (me) goes to see your wedding and reception sites and writes out a report making recommendations for how to best utilize the site. We do them for a couple of reasons:

  • It Gives You Peace Of Mind. If I have to be brutally honest after you’ve done 15-20 weddings you have a pretty good idea of what to expect no matter what. And I’ve done over 400 in 26 different states for couples of all different faiths. It would be pretty difficult to shock me. And given the fact that we bring so much equipment it takes a Suburban to haul it there can’t be some need that presents itself on your wedding day that we aren’t prepared for. But it’s your wedding day and you have enough to worry about so we see your venue so you have that peace of mind.

  • We Give You Recommendations.You may have ideas for a picture, or a set of pictures that won’t work as well as you are hoping. Or you may not have any ideas. Either way you hired a professional to help you with this so we want you to know we are on the case. And if you really wanted a picture of you and your beloved under that gorgeous elm tree it helps if you know that your best look for that would be at sunset.

Now in some cases a site report may not be needed. If we’ve been to your venue in the past few months we’ll share the existing site report with you. And we just give our couples access to every site report we have so that you can use them as a resource if you are still settling on a venue. Below is an example site report so you get an idea of what they are like.

Site Report: The Fair at Red Hook (Bristol, Md)

The Fair at Red Hook

The Fair at Red Hook

Event Details:Joan and John Smith, August 15th, 2002 

Inspection Date:May 8th, 2001

Inspection Personnel:Bryan K for Eleven 11 Photography and Leslie H for The Farm at Red Hook

Description:Seventy-eight year old 13 acre farm and horse ranch. Features small working vineyard, horse pastures and scenic views of Md mountains. West view is compromised by highway and factories.

Internal weddings limited to parties of 12 or less. External weddings held on rear lawn, offers outside and inside possibilities.

Recommendations:Tented wedding is most appropriate for cooler conditions, the average historic temperature on your proposed date is 98. Views of the house front, large tree and red barn are appropriate for formals, also recommended that bridal pictures and dress pictures are staged inside under natural light for nice romantic classical feel.

The little red barn.

The little red barn.

Fully staged outside wedding are on rear lawn.

Fully staged outside wedding are on rear lawn.