New Site, Who Dis?

Before I say anything else I feel like I have to point that the title of this weeks blog is a play on a pop culture reference centered on phone upgrades. By explaining the joke I ruin it but I really need to make sure that someone’s MeeMaw doesn’t come to the site and decide not to book us because she believes we are illiterate lol.

Anyway welcome to the very new, very public face of Eleven 11 Photography. We decided to give the website a bit of a face lift because we basically just finished upgrading, well, everything.

Our booking and calendaring software? That’s new. Our Wedding Memory Book design software? Also new. Print ordering system? Thats brand spanking new. Our online gallery system? The newest of the new. We rolled out these new things one at a time, got them all integrated and worked the bugs out and now we are putting a very pretty face on top of them.

Our clients can now book us, add all the pertinent information for their weddings, receive their images, order prints and have them delivered and participate in the design of their Wedding Memories Book all in their very own private portal. All of that in the same portal. And that portal is accessible from any device being used on any network anywhere in the world.

Thats pretty snazzy huh? We hope you are impressed because we sure like it. And we did it for you guys. There have been a lot of late days and long nights but the real goal here is for us to put power and functionality into your hands as our customers. We have always been committed to providing you with a five star experience when you book with us and we believe this functionality will raise the bar even further.

We’ll be moving some of the posts from our old site over and eventually we’ll have them all here. And you can keep checking in every Friday to see new weddings, blog posts to help you with wedding planning and working with your wedding photographer as well as just common observations you may find useful.

Thanks for stopping in. See you next week.