An Introduction...

An Introduction to Eleven 11 Photography

Hello and welcome to our wonderful new home on the Internet. We are glad to see you. I'm Bryan and the lovely woman in the photo with me is Helen and we are the the Lead Photographer and President of Stuff and Things at Eleven 11 Photography, respectively.

As the Lead Photographer my job is to hire the best photographers, assistants and videographers and then lead these hardy souls to make sure your special day is properly recorded in the mannerr of which you've dreamed. As President of Stuff and Things Helen keeps the trains running on time, the sun in the sky, and occupies the center of every great thing in my life. So yeah, she handles pretty much everything else.

We do what we do because we know what it's like to be in love. To have found someone who makes every corner of your being a little brighter and every smile a little happier. To know that you've met the partner you will walk through life with and not want to wait another day to start that journey. And we want to be part of capturing as many of those first steps as we can.


In my past, for other companies, I've captured over 300 weddings. 327 to be exact. 327 weddings in 27 states, and 14 different countries. I've been doing same sex weddings for over 17 years. I've also done weddings for various faiths as well as several nondenominational weddings. And I've shot 17 national national magazine covers including GQ and Sports Illustrated. I've got the equipment, skills and qualifications to capture your special moment.

Helen has a background in sales and marketing and experience working directly with customers and managing complex supply chain economics. She is also a genius at social media. She has a real passion for getting things right and managing the smallest details. She’s been known to say it’s not right unless everything is right. Helen has the drive and the know how to help you create the perfect coverage plan for you wedding as well as help you leverage social media channels to include a far flung group of friends and family. 

Helen and I will alternate blog posts, although probably not evenly. I’ll speak to purely photography issues and Helen will do whatever Helen does.You’ll find advice, tips, write ups of the weddings we cover, venue reports and recommendations and much, much more. Hopefully you’ll find useful information you can leverage in building your perfect wedding day even if you aren't building it with us as your photographers.

See you soon.

Bryan K