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Boudoir Sessions: What You Need to Know

July 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hello, this post is Bryan AND Helen (Hey y’all!), I told you it would happen! We want to talk as a team because we know that lots of couples have ideas in this arena. Today we just want to tell you how we feel about boudoir, as a man and a woman, and a couple, and as professional photographers. We’ve tried to group this into ideas and themes so it’s easy to digest and think about.

Delete The Words "Tasteful" and "Appropriate" From Your Vocabulary

Helen and I both feel like as consenting adults what is tasteful and appropriate is whatever you and your boo like. I’ve had subjects shoot their session in nothing more revealing than shorts and a t-shirt, some go fully nude and others bring in things like handcuffs and rope. This is your session, do you. The sky is the limit as long as you are safe and comfortable. Whether you are doing a super secret shoot for your loved one or you want to share with the world, your photos are something you want to be proud of and for us the only thing we are thinking about is making sure you look glorious while doing it.

Say exactly what you mean without saying a word!Say exactly what you mean without saying a word!Say exactly what you mean without saying a word!

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number (As long as you’re of legal age)

We’ve shoot boudoir sessions for twenty one year old brides and we’ve shot them for a 69 year old dominatrix. You are as beautiful and as sexy as you feel and without a doubt if you are shooting this for someone you adore and who adores you it’s always sexy.

It's not always what you reveal that makes it sexy.It's not always what you reveal that makes it sexy.It's not always what you reveal that makes it sexy.

It's Not Just For Them, It's For You

Typically boudoir sessions are a gift for a significant other but it’s OK for you to celebrate your own beauty. I once had a 44 year old woman hire me for a session and when I asked her about the wedding she responded “Oh no honey, this is for me. If not now when?” and her pictures came out amazing.

It Works For Any Size

Again we’ve shot for size 4s and size 24s and there is no size limit for sexy. It’s a total given that your significant other loves you. If you take the chance to love you the camera absolutely will as well.


It's Not Just For Women These Days

If you count my spreads for Playboy and Penthouse we’ve done about 70 boudoir sessions. Five of them were for men, and two of them were couples. We live in a day and age where expressions of love and/or desire aren’t strictly limited to women. So maybe arrange for a session and bring your significant other, or arrange two sessions and they do one for you and you do one for them.

Make An Event Out Of It

Its not just another Tuesday. Get a fancy hotel room, or if you do this at home or a studio break out the mimosa’s, light some candles, relax and enjoy yourself. We and our staff (makeup and hair stylists) are there to pamper you, help you relax and shoot your best picture so you should enroll in that success goal too.

Presentation matters!Presentation matters!Presentation matters!

Presentation Is Everything!

In the digital age photo prints aren’t really a thing that people do a lot anymore, but this is the perfect time to consider prints to frame and give as a gift or even a photo book to really jazz up the presentation of your sultry shots. Be creative and make it your own and let your personality shine through.

There you go, that’s it. Short, sweet, and to the point. Give us a call and let us set you up with the boudoir session of your dreams. Next week, I (Helen) will go a bit deeper into the realm of boudoir sessions with a firsthand account of my very own shoot!


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