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All love is good love!All love is good love!All love is good love! Bryan here. For some people this will be a bumpy ride. Oh well.

I came to Auburn from elsewhere. And I think the smallest city I've ever lived in before now was roughly 1.4 million souls and in the north. Now I am loathe to admit this but if you grow up in cities north of North Carolina then you probably have certain opinions about anything south of North Carolina. And those opinions are probably not completely kind. And they are considerably less kind if we are talking about Louisiana, Mississippi and or Alabama.

I freely admit I may have had some of those opinions myself. And I freely admit that I was wrong where Alabama is concerned. Sorry Louisiana and Mississippi, I have not observed you well enough to change my mind.

I also admit that because of Helen I can find the bright side in everything. Our office could catch fire with all our equipment in it and my first thought would be "At least it's warm." Nothing is better than someone to share everything with.

But I honestly love Auburn. I love Helen's absolutely huge family, large portions of which are adopted. I love that when I go in the bank, or the CVS or if I'm walking down the street people will ask "How yo momma'nem?" even tho they have never met my momma, or me, and I don't know anyone named nem. I love that you can work an honest day and still afford to live here. I love the little quirky shops; there is a place where they make popcorn and one where they make popsicles. 

Homemade. Popsicles???

That's a thing where I live.

Love is the only thing that matters!Love is the only thing that matters!Love is the only thing that matters!

The only thing that I don't love is much to my shame, and the shame of many good people in the great state of Alabama, there are still places in this state where same sex couples can't get married. That's insane to me; that in 2017 there is somewhere in the supposed land of the free where two consenting adults can not pledge their lives to each other.

That is also a thing where I live.

It's unconscionable. It's horrible, regrettable and unfair. And It's dead wrong. We here at Eleven 11 neither support nor condone any government agency blocking your right to love whomever you love. In a world more and more filled with bile and venom each passing day, we really think people should create as much love as possible and we are honored and proud to be part of your special day. It doesn't matter if you are straight or LGBTQ, we will happily capture your dream day.

If you are a same sex or transgender couple please feel free to contact us.  In fact we are running a special that includes discounting for same sex and transgender couples all month. We are also running a contest where we will giving away 5 free photo shoots to LGBTQ couples and one of those couples will win a free wedding. Details can be found here (http://www.bookeleven11.com/Pride). #SameLove



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