Why You May Want A Wedding Memories Book

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Let me start with this, yes we provide wedding albums. Any style or type you can think of. I have in fact made 43 of them. So I’m not railing against them because we don’t do it. I’m mostly railing against them because I don’t believe the juice is worth the squeeze in this instance.

Just a couple of examples of our Wedding Memory Books!Just a couple of examples of our Wedding Memory Books!Just a couple of examples of our Wedding Memory Books!

My problem with albums is two fold. First its expense. Albums start at $950 and are a time and materials cost. So the cost gets high fast. My average wedding album costs $1,800. Yeah let that number sink in. 

Now granted because its an hourly charge there’s profit in that number. I don’t dislike the fact that wedding albums are profitable. What I dislike about the cost is most albums don’t really get used. To give you the backstory you should know I got into weddings by doing favors for existing customers. I’m lucky in the fact that a lot of my customers are repeat customers. So I get to ask them “When was the last time you looked at your wedding album?” and a lot of the time they don’t really know.

Beautiful bound and generously appointed.Beautiful bound and generously appointed.Beautiful bound and generously appointed.

Think about it, if you have a book that you paid $1,800 thats not exactly laying on the coffee table for people to peruse is it? That thing is typically in a safe deposit box or hidden in a secret basement vault. Half the time I ask one of my wedding couples about their wedding albums and they don’t even know where their wedding album is! In my book anything you spend $18 on, let alone 100 times that amount, you should be able to use it. And that lack of use is my second issue with wedding albums.

After all the original goals of the wedding album were to share the event with friends and family who were not there at the wedding as well as to preserve the memory of the event. And there are easier, cheaper and more cost effect ways to serve that goal.

My favorite wedding album alternative is just using your devices and social media to share your day. My second favorite is the Wedding Memory Book. A standard Wedding Memory Book is twenty full color 8.5 x 10 pages of as many pictures as you want. It’s hard cover and the layout is completely customizable to your tastes, in fact you can add additional pages for $28 per two pages. The wedding memory book can contain up to 30 pages! The pages are super heavy gauge paper and an 8th of an inch thick (think the thickness of a quarter)! Theses books will last forever!

Thats one quarter between two pages!Thats one quarter between two pages!Thats one quarter between two pages!

Best of all the Wedding Memory Book is laid out to your exact specifications. You pick all the pictures and the layout.

And there are are a number of additional upsides to the memory book:

  • It only costs $600 to produce the first copy
  • Even if you take every available upgrade we sell the cost tops out at $850
  • You get ebook versions of the first copy
  • You get a Facebook gallery of the same digital images as you use in your Memory Book
  • Additional copies are $200 per copy

I made a couple of Wedding Memory Books as samples for trade shows about 7 years ago. They have been to 29 trade shows, they have over 5,000 miles on them and at each trade show they are handled by a couple hundred people. And they still look brand new.

So you can share your images right away digitally with friends and family who aren’t at the service, or new friends you meet through lives journeys. You can also leave the Wedding Memory Book out as a coffee table book.  And if there is a horrific spill of some sort? $200 and a week later and you’ve got a brand new copy.

Memory Books aren’t just great wedding albums, they are good for boudoir shots, senior sessions, etc. Can you imagine presenting your loved one with a book thats all you or to have your high school senior have a “yearbook” thats unique to them? We're offering a 40% discount on Wedding Memory Books of all our 2017 weddings.


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