Why I Love This Work!!!

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Hello again, it's Bryan. I want to talk a little bit about why I love this work. As if the blog title didn't give that away lol.

First PlaceWinner  All Eyes On Montreal 2012First PlaceWinner All Eyes On Montreal 2012First PlaceWinner All Eyes On Montreal 2012

This is a crop of one of my all time favorite pictures. It won All Eyes On Montreal in 2012 and is permanently displayed in The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. It was also shown in The Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. and in the Musse D'Orsay in Paris. And I sold 100 limited edition prints. It marks one of the high points of my career.

I have to be honest and tell you I don't think most photography is art. Photography is an art but with so many pictures out there today very few of them qualify as art in my opinion. Most of the time people take a picture to show you whats there, or to alter it into what they want it to be using Photoshop or filters and the like. What makes me special as a photographer is that I LOVE having the chance to show you the world the way I see it. Without computer tricks. Just take a picture and have it feel like you are seeing it through my eyes.

Adwork for Calvin Klein Eternity!Adwork for Calvin Klein Eternity!Adwork for Calvin Klein Eternity!

Because I like to attempt to make art I end up with a lot of commercial opportunities. The above picture is for an ad for Calvin Klein's Eternity perfume. And I love having the chance to do this kind of work. It's exhilarating and exciting and challenging. But it's not the biggest test of skill. I'm in a controlled environment of a studio, I typically have almost $500,000 dollars in equipment. And assistants, makeup artists, hair dressers, and a lot of fancy props and very beautiful models on hand. Stevie Wonder could get a great picture. 

I love this picture but the real test is making art in the moment.

My nephew HarlanMy nephew HarlanMy nephew Harlan

Something like say a 10 year old boy in the middle of a busy family Christmas gathering. When I pulled my nephew Harlan aside to take this picture my sister told me she had a picture of him with the Christmas tree, what was the point of another one. I told her let me try. When I gave her this picture she saw the point.

I like being in the real world, in all the chaos and making art. And I believe that everyone no matter how tall or short, no matter how thin or fluffy, absolutely everyone deserves to be gorgeously captured on their wedding day. We go out of my way to make that happen for our clients. There are two pictures below. One was shot with a remote camera using traditional settings and at the same time I shot one by hand with the thought of creating a more dramatic look.

Version 1Version 1Version 1


These pictures were taken within 1 second of each other. Same exact time of day, same setup, same lights. But one of them is a picture and the other is art. Let us do this for you. Let us make your special moment into art.





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