Pictures I Recommend You Try: Part 2

December 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hello again, Bryan here. Since I've kept you waiting at least three weeks for this post let me get right into the second part of pictures I reccomend you try.No preamble, just giving you some information you can use.

Be In The Moment

I think it's great to have a list of the pictures you want to capture. I'll go a step further, I think its required to have a list of the pictures you absolutely have to have. But I also think you need to take care not to over schedule your wedding day and just be in your moment and take the pictures that come. So often some of my couples favorite pictures end up being ones that weren't on their list and just happened. Leave yourself some breathing room to do that.

Take The Picture You Want To Take

This is the place where they met. And where they went on their first real date. And where he proposed. So this was a must have picture. But the location was 20 minutes from the ceremony location and the reception location. But we knew at the beginning of the process it was required so I we made a plan to make it happen. So if there is a picture you absolutely have to have let us know and we'll find a way to get it done.


Be Fun

Get a good mix of fun and serious wedding pictures. Some deep ones and some silly ones.

Use Your Surroundings

You looked at what, a half dozen locations? Maybe even a dozen? Why would you not make sure to get at least a couple of pictures that you could only take in this location?


Alright, sorry to keep you waiting for the second half of these. Join us next week when we talk about 5 great props you can bring to your engagement session. And I promise next week I'll be back to my nerdy, wordy self.


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