Pictures I Recommend You Try: Part 1

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Hello again, Bryan here. Sorry I've been gone for a while but life has been lifeing lol. With work and moving and kids and more work and setting up a new house and office and even more work it's been a lot. The hardest part of a blog is finding time to write it.

I want to talk a little bit about what pictures you should take. People come to us all the time with ideas based on popular wedding photos. The bride in those photos is always between a size 6 and bulimia and the groom appears to spend 90% of his free time in the gym. And they are set in lots of tropical far off places.

Those photos are beautiful but they aren't always representative of my brides who are real women of all shapes sizes and shades. And my grooms have children and families and jobs and a life, they aren't constantly at the gym. And the weddings I shoot are in churches, civic centers, gym, and once even a prison. That doesn't mean you have to settle for less, it just means we need to take that inspiration and fashion something out of it uniquely suited for you and your loved one. Besides did't you seek out an artist so that you can make the pictures everyone else wants to copy rather than just duplicate the masses?

Never Alone

I love the symbolism of this picture. Life happens in a great big world and I don't believe marriage makes you a singular presence. I think it makes you part of a unit but you still have to stand alone sometimes. This picture represents the idea that while you are married you can be who you are, do what you you have to but you are never alone. Your partner is always on the edges of what you do and even when it seems like you are doing it alone the support and love they give you influence your successes and soften your missteps.

that's why this groom and the surroundings are slightly out of focus but the bride comes through in sharp detail. We typically take one for each of you, switching places between shots.

Sweeping Grace

He puts his hands around her hips, when he dip she dip, y'all dip.He puts his hands around her hips, when he dip she dip, y'all dip.He puts his hands around her hips, when he dip she dip, y'all dip.

You spent weeks or maybe months searching for it. Then even more time preparing your body to wear it flawlessly. I love dress pictures but the best pictures are about the people That little dip gives you every inch of sweep you need to properly display your dress but that look into your partners face makes it about the two of you and keeps the dress where it should be, a featured accessory.

This is a great picture for late evening when the sun is low and warms everything with that nice golden yellow touch.

Own a Room


This isn't really in a room but the idea here is to get a picture of the two of you with your guests as the backdrop. As the joining of two sets of friends and families you are the focal point of the day. This is great if your room has nice artistic touches.

Quiet Moment

One of those stolen momentsOne of those stolen momentsOne of those stolen moments

Typically during the meal I like to take my couple out for a walk through/around the venue and capture some personal and intimate pictures of them being with each other. This is as simple as walking and enjoying each others company away from the chaos of guests.

I love that anyone can do these pictures and they are suitable in any setting. Hopefully you see something here that suits you and your needs. And hopefully you consider us as the photographer to capture your special day.



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